Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Naughty Nurse

CT for Tammy’s Welt
Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse is a fun scrap kit filled with all the items a nurse will need. This kit is for PU Only/PTU  and not to be shared for any reason. Made to match Naughty Nurse CU-PU tube ©Ismael Rac; however, you can use any tube of your choice to make Naughty Nurse scrap kit as naughty as you want. This kit contains 80 Elements and 8 Papers.
I used a sexy nurse tube ©Keith Garvey to create a sample timeline set.

You can purchase Naughty Nurse HERE.

You can grab the made to match tube HERE.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Be My Bunny Little Girl37

CT for Daelmans Designs and ValentinaAndDesign
Be My Bunny & Little Girl37

An absolutely gorgeous combination:

Be My Bunny is a gorgeous scrap kit filled with all the bright and pastel colors of Spring. The rebirth of all nature has to offer. This is a very pretty Spring/Easter scrap kit for personal use only.

Contains 115 Elements, 10 Papers & 10 Frames
You cannot share with anyone for any reason

Little Girl37 is an adorable IRAY RENDER POSER suitable for all of you Spring tagging designs.
1 PNG poser tube (1 full size pose, IRAY RENDER, Size 4500 pix. longest side (PU/CU))

Sample Timeline Set

You can purchase Be My Bunny at any of the following links:

You can purchase Little Girl37 at any of the following links:

Friday, March 16, 2018

Dance Time

CT for Joyful Kreationz
Dance Time

Dance time is a fun kit filled with blues and blacks. Great for those night life tags. Kit contains 50 elements, 6 papers, 5 frames.
I created a timeline set using Dance Time scrap kit with a gorgeous tube ©Alex Prihodko as an example of the possibilities Dance Time has.

Dance Time scrap kit is EXCLUSIVELY sold at Smiley Creations Shop.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


CT for All Dolled Up

Leap right into St. Patrick's Day with this adorable kit. With its 130 elements and 20 papers filled with frogs and green and gold, you are surely going to be in a froggy state of mind. Not all elements are shown in preview. For personal use only.

I used a FTU tube ©rzevskii that you can find HERE  with Leap-prechaun Scrap Kit to create a timeline set.


You can purchase Leap-prechaun Scrap Kit HERE or 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Butterfly Queen with Rossana

CT for Chili Designz- Butterfly Queen
Geris- Rossana

Butterfly Queen by Chili Designz is a gorgeous scrap kit found in the Butterfly Queen Collab 3 found HERE.  This scrap kit is full of spring colors with an air of freshness. This kit contains 72 Elements, 8 Frames and 8 Papers. Tagging possibilities for all your ideas are endless.

Rossana is a stunningly gorgeous IRAY RENDERED poser by Geris. She’s ready for all of your spring tagging adventures and more.

1 PSD file.
1 full tube. 4800x3000 pix., 3000 pix. height. PNG file. Transparent. IRAY RENDERED

You can purchase Rossana HERE and HERE.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


CT for Jenn’s Designs


Simplicity is a gorgeous soft kit filled with lavender, white, hints of greenery and black. The kit contains 75 Elements and 10 Papers. Simplicity is exclusive to SNCO and currently on sale, so go grab yours now! Personal Use Only
I used a gorgeous tube ©Verymany to create a sample timeline set for your viewing.

You can purchase Simplicity HERE.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Samantha 4

CT for Joyful Kreationz

Samantha 4

Samantha 4 is an amazing kit full of reds and blacks. This dark gothic themed kit contains 80 elements, 8 papers, 6 frames and was made to match the stunning tube Samantha 4 by Oky Draft. However, you can use any tube you choose. I used a gorgeous Gothic themed tube by Chris Pastel to create my sample timeline set below.

You can purchase Samantha 4 exclusively here at SNCO.